GAGA Women’s New Stripes One Piece Swimsuit Bikini

$12.37 (as of September 22, 2017, 8:30 am) $1.19

US X-Small=China Small:Bust:33.86″(86cm),Waist:25.98″(66cm),Hips:35.83″(91cm)
US Small=China Medium:Bust:35.83″(91cm),Waist:27.95″(71cm),Hips:37.80″(96cm)
US Medium=China Large:Bust:37.80″(96cm),Waist:29.92″(76cm),Hips:39.76″(101cm)

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Welcome to our store.
Product producers are stringent high quality necessities made from, so this product has superb high quality and in step with folks’s aesthetic now.
But I’m hoping you’ll be aware of our dimension, as a result of our merchandise are made in China, so the product is Asia dimension is smaller than US dimension, could possibly make a choice a big yards.

Material:Polyester fiber
Size main points:
US X-Small=China Small:Bust:33.86″(86cm),Waist:25.ninety eight”(66cm),Hips:35.eighty three”(91cm);
US Small=China Medium:Bust:35.eighty three”(91cm),Waist:27.ninety five”(71cm),Hips:37.eighty”(96cm);
US Medium=China Huge:Bust:37.eighty”(96cm),Waist:29.ninety two”(76cm),Hips:39.seventy six”(101cm);
US Huge=China X-Huge:Bust:39.seventy six”(101cm),Waist:31.89″(81cm),Hips:forty one.seventy three”(106cm);
US X-Small=China Small:Bust:33.86″(86cm),Waist:25.ninety eight”(66cm),Hips:35.eighty three”(91cm)
US Small=China Medium:Bust:35.eighty three”(91cm),Waist:27.ninety five”(71cm),Hips:37.eighty”(96cm)
US Medium=China Huge:Bust:37.eighty”(96cm),Waist:29.ninety two”(76cm),Hips:39.seventy six”(101cm)
US Huge=China X-Huge:Bust:39.seventy six”(101cm),Waist:31.89″(81cm),Hips:forty one.seventy three”(106cm)