speerise Unisex Turtleneck Full Body Unitard Spandex Bodysuits Zentai Suits Costumes Black

$ 29.99

Mock neck,Zip back from neck to waist,covered from neck to toes
Full coverage style with footed and long sleeves with hands,one piece skin tights full bodysuit without hood.
Plenty of stretch to grow without thinning, breathable , quick-drying, sweaty.


Mock neck,Zip once more from neck to waist,lined from neck to toes
Full safety mannequin with footed and prolonged sleeves with fingers,one piece pores and pores and skin tights full bodysuit with out hood.
Plenty of stretch to develop with out thinning, breathable , quick-drying, sweaty.
Great for any occasions, dance effectivity, stage effectivity, Halloween costume,types of cosplayers.
It is unisex,every for female and male.Size may run small, a measurement up is helpful