Leohex is a collection of soft spandex clothing, such as a swimsuit, leggings, catsuit or bodysuit, cut and made perfectly to fit you. With a touch of transparency and thanks to the perfect fit to your body, these items of clothing will make your figure unique and particular. They have a seamless fit and look great under your favorite tops or your new gym clothes.

Who is Leohex

Leohex is a Japanese company that has been producing nylon and spandex garments since 2020, with a higher quality and fit than the industry average. For this reason, Leohex swimsuits are very popular and fashionable, thanks to the shape that highlights the wearer’s body. The 160 denier tights give the effect of a leg completely covered with a shiny fabric thanks to the nylon-spandex mix. For this reason, they are highly appreciated all over the world.

Long Sleeve Rash Guard Leohex
One Piece Swimsuit Leohex Wetlook Leotards
Long Sleeve Sexy Hot Sheer One Piece Swimsuit Leohex
Leohex Glossy Opaque Pantyhose

What are the uses of Leohex products?

All Leohex products are perfect for the gym, training, ballet, as a base for cosplay, casual wear in winter, autumn and spring, as underwear and more.

Leohex is new to the market and currently produces in small batches anyway, so please be aware that availability in sizes and clothing items may be limited at certain times of the year.
However, there are always new lines and new Leohex garments that enrich this brand.

Leohex‘s goal is to create a wardrobe, not just a single item of clothing, that presents a perfect fit for most people, with garments that have a unique fit and shine, thanks to the composition of the spandex fabric. . This dress collection was designed to have several pieces that you can mix and match with our other collections. From bodysuits to swimsuits, Leohex is your go-to brand for all occasions.

Hugs your curves and fits your body perfectly, with the wide range of colors, color combinations with sexy style.

Leohex is a collection of comfortable and quality tights, bodysuits, catsuits and swimsuits.

The shiny spandex fabric is very opaque and guarantees an excellent fit for most sizes.

However, the product range covers different sectors: women’s underwear, fitness, yoga and everything related to women’s clothing.

Leohex garments are particularly shiny and tight-fitting, capable of highlighting feminine curves and still guaranteeing an excellent fit.

The item is made of 75% nylon, 25% spandex, comfortable feeling, superior texture, good visual effects…

Super shiny, approximately 160 denier, these items are thick and figure hugging, sheer down to the belly button, hello sparkle…

Amazing fit and amazing inclusion. Worn with heels or boots, they are definitely a winner this season as they go with virtually any outfit…

These elements add a touch of wonder to regular events. The ideal method to make every day unique…

They are ideal for acrobatics and skillful dancing, use in ensembles, cosplay, relaxed outfits in spring, autumn, early winter, wide-leg leggings, bodysuits, jumpsuits and swimsuits… In case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase , you are free to restore any unworn and unwashed item with intact labels and unique packaging included.

Important: check the sizes (oriental sizes are smaller than European sizes) and if you have doubts, choose a size larger than your usual size.

Kanye's West Wife Bianca Censori in Leohex Spandex Catsuit
Bianca Censori in Leohex Catsuit

The wife of famous rapper Kanye West wears a Leohex catsuit. Bianca Censori is famous for her extravagant and over the top clothing, in this case she chose this catsuit for a dinner with Kanye West.