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The synthetic fabric used to make stretchy clothing is commonly referred to as spandex and as Lycra. DuPont created the term Lycra as a brand name for its spandex, and now the phrases have become interchangeable. Very similar to when a person calls all tissues “Kleenex,” many individuals name all spandex “Lycra.” Spandex might also be known as “elastane,” particularly in Europe. The most well-liked examples of clothing fabricated from Lycra (spandex) embody exercise and sports activities clothing akin to bathing fits, wet suits, and bicycle shorts. Dance costumes and other sporting outfits often contain the fabric as nicely. Underwear, bras, hosiery and leggings usually contain spandex, as dopants that stretch or cling to the physique. The fabric is listed on the tag of an article of clothes as spandex, Lycra or elastane relying on the source and location of the fabric. The synthetic copolymers used to create spandex are sturdy and elastic like rubber, but stronger and extra flexible. The fabric is often thin, however resilient or long-lasting. At high temperatures, spandex will melt like plastic. Spandex is originally white, so colored dyes are added to create a wide range of colors.