Stretchy Spandex Size Chart for Unisex Carnival Costumes

$ 29.99

Looking for the perfect fit? Check out our size chart for our stretchy, unisex spandex costumes. Perfect for any occasion!



S: Bust: 26½-30½; Waist: 22-26; Hips: 27½-31½; Height: 4′7″-5′; Weight: 88-110LB

M: Bust: 29½-33½; Waist: 24½-28½; Hips: 30¾-34¾; Height: 5′-5’4″; Weight: 110-132LB

L: Bust: 31½-35½; Waist: 26¾-30¾; Hips: 32½-36½; Height: 5′4″-5′7″; Weight: 132-154LB

XL: Bust: 33¾-37¾; Waist: 29-33; Hips: 33¾-37¾; Height: 5′7″-6′; Weight: 154-176LB

XXL: Bust: 37-41; Waist: 32¼-36¼; Hips: 37¾-41¾; Height: 6′-6′4″; Weight: 176-198LB

These are stretchy suits, 4 side stretchy fabric, so the sizing doesn’t have to be exact, it is going to stretch to yoursize.

Zipper closure
Hand Wash Only
Made of top-end spandex which have good stretchy.
Zipper inside the once more,easy to placed on or off.
It is unisex,applicable for every womens and mens.
Suitable for Carnival,Halloween Party,Sporting Events,Colour Party and so forth.
SIZE🌞Base on Height🌞 S: 4’7”-5’0”; M: 5’0”-5’4”; L: 5’4”-5’7”; XL: 5’7”-6’0”; XXL: 6’0”-6’4”.