Men’s All-in-One Latex and Faux Leather Long Sleeve Full Body Leotard

$ 43.99


Included in Package: 1 Men’s Full-Body One-Piece Leotard. This snug-fitting garment extends from the neck down to the feet. The men’s shiny bodysuit features a high neck, long sleeves, and a front zipper that begins at the collar. Waist Measurements: M: 32-35 inches; L: 34-37 inches; XL: 36-39 inches; XXL: 38-41 inches; XXXL: 40-43 inches. For precise sizing, please refer to the size chart. Note that Asian sizes tend to run smaller than US sizes. It is recommended to select a size that is one or two sizes larger than your usual size or compare with the measurements of a similar garment.

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