AMORESY Sexy Women’s Capris

$ 27.99

75%锦纶 25%氨纶
1.High gloss fabric with good color. 75% nylon, 25% spandex.Due to the difference between shooting light and display screen, the color of clothes shall be subject to the real object!



75p.c锦纶 25p.c氨纶
1.Top gloss cloth with excellent colour. seventy five% nylon, 25% spandex.As a result of the adaptation between shooting mild and visual display unit, the colour of garments will probably be subject to the true object!
2.A subject material that may be wealthy elasticity, with a very good and clean touch. Super slippery cloth to grow to be addictive! Back zip are compatible to the neck. No lining, promessa no padding.
3.This can be a stretch subject material with a clean really feel. It fits snugly at the line 。
4.stretch stretch superb use of stretch subject material, excellent touch, less liable to wrinkles! Very best for cosplaying tights taste Top leg leotards, faculty swimsuits and race queens。
5.Reference dimensions: M dimension, height 155 ~ 165 cm, weight 40 ~ 50 kg, L dimension, height 165 ~ 175 cm, weight 45 ~ 65 kg, XL dimension, height 170 ~ 180 cm, weight 60 ~ 75 kg, XL dimension, height 175 ~ 185 cm, weight 70 ~ 85 kg, XXXL dimension, height 180 ~ 190 cm, weight 85 ~ 100 kg