Unisex Flex Muscle Party Bodysuit for Cosplay and Halloween

$ 35.99

What You Will Receive: You will receive a fully sewn 3D Muscle Bodysuit. This suit is made from high-quality 4-way stretch Lycra fabric, which ensures excellent elasticity and durability. The fabric can stretch up to four times its original length and effortlessly return to its initial state.

Ready to Wear: This bodysuit is fully sewn and ready to wear, providing complete coverage from neck to foot. It features an invisible vertical zipper along the back, making it easy to put on and take off without compromising the sleek appearance.

High-Quality 3D Design: The suit boasts a stunning 3D design, printed using a high-grade sublimation dye printer. This advanced printing technique ensures that the vibrant, eye-popping colors remain bright and do not fade over time.

Overall, this 3D Muscle Bodysuit combines functionality, comfort, and visual appeal, making it an ideal choice for any occasion requiring a standout costume.


What you will get:

  • It will come with one Completely sewn 3D muscle bodysuit.
  • Sizing guideline-Please refer to the sizing chart below:Height 59″-63″
    • Height:59″-63″=150-160cm
    • Chest:29.9″-33.1″=76-84cm
    • Waist:25.1″-28.0″=64-71cm
    • Hip:31.1″-33.9″=79-86cm

    Height 63″-65″

    • Height:63″-65″=160-165cm
    • Chest:31.9″-35.1″=81-89cm
    • Waist:27.1″-30.0″=69-76cm
    • Hip:33.1″-35.9″=84-91cm

    Height 65″-67″

    • Height:65″-67″=165-170cm
    • Chest:33.9″-37.1″=86-94cm
    • Waist:29.1″-32.0″=74-81cm
    • Hip:35.1″-35.9″=89-97cm

    Height 67″-69″

    • Height:67″-69″=170-175cm
    • Chest:35.9″-39.1″=91-99cm
    • Waist:31.1″-34.0″=79-86cm
    • Hip:37.1″-39.9″=94-102cm

    Height 69″-71″

    • Height:69″-71″=175-180cm
    • Chest:37.9″-41.1″=96-104cm
    • Waist:33.1″-36.0″=84-91cm
    • Hip:39.1″-41.9″=99-107cm

    Height 71″-73″

    • Height:71″-73″=180-185cm
    • Chest:39.9″-43.1″=101-106cm
    • Waist:35.1″-38.0″=89-96cm
    • Hip:41.1″-43.9″=104-112cm


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